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NBA 2K22: Predicting the ratings of Memphis Grizzlies players

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    August 12, 2021 10:02 PM CDT

    Memphis Grizzlies are objectively better than this time a year ago. Almost every player on the roster has made considerable progress, which allowed Memphis to appear in the NBA playoffs for the first time since the rebuild of the team began.

    Hopefully, this will be reflected in the release of NBA 2K22, which will update player ratings, team ratings, and anything players can imagine. Barring any disputes, Grizz should take a step forward. Today, here are the predictions of the NBA 2K22 rating for each Memphis Grizzlies player. The game will be released on September 10th, so in order to get real ratings, players must wait for them. These are sufficient for now. Of course, if players want to get stronger players in the game, the most direct way is to buy NBA 2K22 MT.

    Here are the ratings predictions for Memphis Grizzlies players. Yves Pons: 68. Technically speaking, Pons is an Exhibit-10 contract, so technically, he is not on the list. In other words, this can be converted into a two-way contract, and based on his performance in the NBA 2K22 MT, this is what Memphis wants to do. Unfortunately, there may be no room. If there is, NBA 2K22 will almost certainly give an undrafted free agent a critical review. Sam Merrill: 70. For Allen, Merrill is a huge downgrade for Grizzlies. In other words, this is not someone who will be removed from the list. He is a service shooter who has played for an NBA championship team. His 44.7% three-point shooting percentage, even at a very low number, should help Memphis in the 2021-22 season. In other words, his rating will not reflect this.

    Of course, players all want their favorite players to have a high rating. In the upcoming NBA 2K22, players will experience more major updates. If players want to get their favorite members in NBA 2K22, they must prepare enough Cheap NBA 2K22 MT in advance. Go ahead!