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  • NBA 2K22 current generation 1.4 patch notes

    Posted Oct 7 by YYJJJ JJ


    Since its release, the first major patch of NBA 2K22 on Current Gen has just landed, and many players have prepared enough NBA 2K22 MT to improve steadily in the game. Players also have questions about this update. If PS Read More...

  • NBA 2K22 recent update and patch

    Posted Oct 6 by YYJJJ JJ


    Not long ago, NBA 2K22 has been updated on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the download volume on both platforms is quite large. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players are also very interested in the new update and are act Read More...

  • The feeling of playing NBA 2K22

    Posted Oct 5 by YYJJJ JJ


    NBA 2K22 has been released for a while, and many players have already played it. Many players comment on it differently, because everyone feels differently. Some players who buy NBA 2K22 MT may have a good gaming experie Read More...

  • How do players dance in NBA 2K22?

    Posted Oct 4 by YYJJJ JJ


    In multiplayer games, emoticons are the main content. It adds a lot of fun to the game. Let players celebrate and cheer while buying NBA 2K22 MT and winning the game. The expression also includes dance. Whether the playe Read More...