League of Legends: Top Champions to Climb in Solo Queue

  • The ranked season is coming to an end, so it’s time to put in the last effort in solo queue to hopefully climb a few last ranks before the preseason kicks in. But what are the best champions to climb with in this final sprint?


    PowerOfEvil’s list starts with Fizz, who he claims is very mobile and very good at skirmishing. He also points out that Fizz is weak early game, but once he hits level 4 he reaches a point where he can safely trade as he gets stronger and stronger.


    Though usually decent patch to patch, recent nerfs to lethality pushing AD assassins down the tier list have moved Ahri to the top. She is without doubt the best mid lane champion.

    Both mobile and lethal, Ahri is extremely forgiving in lane while also providing high kill pressure with her charm. Combining this with her above average lane matchups makes Ahri a No. 1 mid lane choice.


    Zed is an all-time classic in solo queue and always a champion that can carry if played correctly. Recently, Zed has been wielding a good win rate for the mid lane at 51.32%. When a complex champion like Zed has such a high win rate, it’s usually because the champion is great in the meta.

    With several AP junglers in the meta, Zed is great to pick up for the mid lane to keep the team's AD damage intact. The shadow assassin builds a lot of lethality and will be able to blow up most squishy carries on the enemy team.

    Riot chose to nerf Zed in the most recent patch 10.22, but it doesn’t seem like the nerf has had any effect at all. Zed is still high on the win-rate charts, even though his Shadow Slash damage was reduced by a bit. Even with less damage on his E, Zed has plenty of other damage sources and his usual mobility that makes him very difficult to deal with.


    Longtime insta-burst assassin LeBlanc made it to number 2 on PowerOfEvil’s list. He says LeBlanc has no losing match up, aside from Zed; which some consider to be a skill match up. Insanely high early game damage, burst, and crowd control are the primary reasons why LeBlanc is such a strong solo queue champion. Note that farming can be difficult on LeBlanc without blowing your spells on the minions. It may take a couple takes to get that last hitting down.

    Twisted Fate

    This is one of the few champions that actually give me nightmares when they're played correctly. Ult to the bo tlane or top lane with a gold card and you're almost guaranteed a kill. If you learn to play Twisted Fate, you essentially learn how to read the map which carries over to other champions and play styles as well.

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