Take Good Care of Your BBQ Grill Mesh Mat

  • BBQ Grill Mesh Mat are super handy to have around. Would I use it for grilling everything? No, although you could. Where these grill mats really shin is when you are cooking foods that are prone to sticking to the grill such as fish, grilled chicken breasts, veggies, and food with sauces on them.

    The benefits of BBQ mats are undeniable. So when you already bought a high quality BBQ grill mat, you need to treat this high end cooking and barbecuing tool appropriately.

    BBQ mats shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures above 500F

    Take good care of your BBQ grill mat

    Similar to any of your expensive items in the kitchen, BBQ mats also need to be taken cared of. When using them, you need to keep the heat on low or medium. Grill mats can safely be used from 290F up to 500F. So don’t expose yours to temperatures above 500F, especially when you use them for more than 30 minutes. In case you just use a BBQ mat for a short time, a maximum of 290F is good. If you keep using your grill mat at high temperatures, it will begin to break down and contaminate the air and your food.

    Use the correct tools

    The best tools to use when barbecuing with a grill mat are silicone or soft plastic ones. Avoid using metal tools on it and don’t scrape the surface of the bbq mat excessively. In addition, it is better to turn foods with a pair of silicone tipped tongs than flip them with a spatula.

    Choose what you cook on it wisely

    You don’t want to cook food with sticky sauces or any sticky food on the mats. Imagine when using a nonstick pan, there are still foods that stick to it. They will make a mess and be difficult for you to clean off. That’s why it is recommended to use the BBQ mats to cook fresh vegetables, bacon, sausage, chicken, steak, certain fish, shrimp, hash browns, pancakes and fried eggs. Foods that require high heat cooking are not ideal for a BBQ mat.

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