What makes The Elder Scrolls Online Housing ahead of other MMOs

  • It has been three years since The Elder Scrolls Online was released in April 2014. It was not until February 2017 that the developer Zenimax Online Studios' housing system was submitted together with the Homestead update, and the fans' long wait was rewarded.

    Even in the basic game, players can use Quest to enter one of the three rooms in the starting area for free, and there are five more DLC chapters. In these small rooms, players will get the first experience of the housing system. If this is not enough for them, players can put a stack of Elder Scrolls Online Gold on the table. In addition to the guest rooms, there are five buildings of different sizes. On average, there are three or more new buildings to choose from each year. They are built in accordance with the architectural styles of ten different ethnic groups.

    In various activities, players can earn replacement vouchers by completing activity goals, and they can redeem these ESO Gold for the five parts of the property located in Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon. Psijik Villa is the first gift given to the community by Zenimax Online Studios.

    In Elder Scrolls Online, players can use the materials they collect and according to recipes stolen from opponents to assemble the furniture of their dreams. With the right furnishings, a barren hut can be turned into a chic palace. If the player's own crafting skills are insufficient or lack the necessary recipes, they can search for the necessary decorative parts in the supplier of the player guild. Alternatively, players can steal small parts from NPC boxes and pockets. In addition, players can also buy ESO Gold.