Path of Exile will not have Predictions in the Next League

  • Starting in January 2022, Path of Exile will no longer have a prediction mechanism. The developers of Path of Exile are known for changing game mechanics. Grinding Gear Games likes to make changes when the new League starts. Having said that, update 3.17.0 seems to be no different from the previous updates.

    GGG first introduced the game’s Prophecy mechanism in 2016, and since then it has become a core part of the franchise. Despite this, the developers decided to delete it once and for all. "Over time, it has become obsolete and surpassed by other new content," the Path of Exile developer wrote on social media. "In our January expansion pack, we will Buy Chaos Orbs from Path of Exile."

    Prophecy changed the future of the Path of Exile character in different ways. They trigger events and change the results of certain in-game operations. Since 2016, players have worked hard to unlock Prophecy by collecting POE Currency they gave to Navali. Once update 3.17.0 is released in January 2022, the developer will remove these items from the player’s inventory and permanently remove the supplier Navali.

    Path of Exile players who have accumulated POE Currency and predictions can still use them. However, they can only make full use of whatever remains in their inventory before the game is about to be released. Since the game was first released to the game public, the developers of Path of Exile have launched more than 30 major content updates, and the world of Wraeclast does seem to be constantly changing.