Path of Exile Scourge brings a different gameplay

  • In Path of Exile Scourge, the player’s task is to fill in the newly added Blood Crucible meter so that they can enter another reality and fight hordes of demons. In order to succeed, players need to make the necessary items and accumulate enough POE Currency.

    In the new patch, players will get a device called Blood Crucible after encountering a mysterious person who has escaped from an unknown person. Then the player's task is to fill the Blood Crucible with the enemy's blood. After dying a certain number of enemies, the device will be activated and they will be thrown into a new version of Wraeclast, in which deadly monsters live. Players need to collect blood to increase their stay in this alternative area.

    As they begin to kill more of these demons, players will absorb the corruption that can be used to place items in the Blood Crucible, and inject new modifiers into their equipment. These modifiers can be positive or negative. However, players will have the opportunity to further modify their equipment, giving them more opportunities to better combine modifiers.

    Players will encounter Dream Furnace in Atlas of Worlds. From here, they can start placing maps in Blood Crucible. When the map gets the necessary amount of damage, it becomes deformed. During this conversion process, the map will receive the same type of modifier as POE Currency, which will change the way the map works.

    Path of Exile players have a lot of expectations for the expansion of Scourge. If they want to get more items, they can try to Buy Chaos Orbs at POECurrency to get the corresponding items.