What is Corrupted Gems in Path Of Exile?

  • In this guide, we will cover all the information players need to know about corrupted gems. These special gems can be found by themselves or corrupted. To know if the gem is damaged, just check the description that appears when you hover the mouse over it. Corrupted gems are essentially gems with modifiers that can improve their quality and strength. As mentioned above, the description panel of the gem will show corrupted.

    If the gems are damaged, the player will not be able to use the synthetic ball to further modify them, except for items that modify slots and slot links. Generally speaking, corrupted gems are better than uncorrupted gems. And players need to continuously collect POE Currency in Path Of Exile. Make or Buy Chaos Orbs, so let's take a look at these below.

    Players can find corrupted gems while exploring the world, or they can create their own. For this, the player needs a Vaal Orbs. This is a currency orb that will corrode items. Players can find Vaal Orbs by killing monsters, destroying containers, or dropping from safes.

    This is all about corrupted gems. As players level up in Path Of Exile, they will need powerful equipment and skills, so players need to look for Vaal Orbs or corrupted skill gems. And they can buy POE Currency online.