Welcome to Virtual Communities

Stay Safe and stay connected. Stay connected with your community. Stay connected with your friends and most of all stay connected with your family. Create your own individual groups for family, friends, co-workers, employees, church members, sporting venues and and keep in touch. Safe, Secure and private. We are not Facebook, but you can invite others to join as well. This service is being provided at no charge. Read the privacy statement from the bottom of our home page and you will understand.

We are looking to re-build strong safe communities and bring small businesses back to life. But First we need members, because members will bring businesses. Businesses that are honest and want to rebuild their companies along with the local economy. This will open up jobs and services and provide new income opportunities which will help all of us. We can create our own communication networks that will be safe and secure so we are never again restricted from getting together, visiting loved ones or being alone. We should no longer be relying on Big Brother to save our communities. Besides they have not been doing a very good job saving themselves. We can do this together.

Lets rebuild our communities and make them strong by joining forces together. We will be in every city in the united states, think of how strong a presence we will represent. Do not let someone tell you what the "New Normal" is, lets create it for ourselves.